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12/01/2018 - Review of the Irish Travel Trade Protection Scheme and Recommendations for Reform.

 The Commission for Aviation Regulation Ireland has this week published Europe Economics’ final report which evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of the current Irish travel trade protection scheme and develops recommendations for potential reforms to this current scheme. The interim findings report can be read here

28/02/2017 - Briefing Note: Differentiation and Price Convergence in the Airline Industry

Price comparison websites allow consumers to buy after filtering and comparing products and services provided by different suppliers. Their development was seen as an opportunity to reduce price disparity and advance towards price conversion, but this has not always happened. This note describes how price convergence and differentiation strategies have been observed in the airline industry.

22/09/2015 - Dominant Positions in National Railway Transport Services Markets

The Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has published Europe Economics’ study on dominant positions in national railway transport services markets, as part of its external consultation on Dutch rail. The research provides evidence to be used by ACM in identifying possible relevant markets and the competitive conditions in these markets. The study used conjoint analysis to estimate the sensitivity of train passengers to changes in the price and quality of services. The estimates were then used to assess the profitability of passenger operators when prices are potentially increased by a “small” amount (following the concept of a SSNIP test for defining markets). The results of the study show evidence of instances where passenger operators may have a dominant position. The research also shows situations where freight operators have a dominant position, especially in those market segments where freight transport by road and inland waterway are not perceived as alternatives to rail.

01/05/2013 - Europe Economics provided advice to the CAA on the use of LRIC estimates in assessing the competitive price level and the existence of market power

Europe Economics provided advice to the CAA on the use of long-run incremental cost (LRIC) estimates in assessing the competitive price level and the existence of market power, in December 2012.  The CAA has published our work as part of its ‘Minded To’ report for the Stansted Market Power Assessment.   Our work is also referenced in the CAA’s initial proposals for economic regulation at Stansted.   Our work on LRIC is also referenced in the CAA’s initial proposals for economics regulation for Gatwick Airport.  This document includes GAL’s comments on our work and our response.

30/04/2011 - The Surcharges Supercomplaint: an Economic Perspective

Article by  Stefano Ficco and Saattvic for Competition Law Insight on whether the super-complaint regarding excessive online transaction surcharges by the consumer organisation Which? to the OFT is economically justifiable.

04/10/2010 - Markets and Households on Low Incomes

Europe Economics recently completed a study for The Office of Fair Trading into ways in which low income households might be disadvantaged in particular markets.  This work, carried out in collaboration with the New Policy Institute, focused on food, energy, financial services, transport and the internet.  We identified demand and supply side factors which had a differential effect on people in the lowest income group. Access to certain products, such as the internet and bank accounts, had an important ‘enabling’ effect by improving access to products in other markets.

31/03/2008 - Advice to the CAA on the Calculation of Incremental Costs

CAA reference to the Competition Commission for Stansted Airport Supporting Paper IV

03/03/2008 - Advice to CAA on Aspects of Cost of Capital for the Final Price Control Decisions

Economic Regulation of Heathrow and Gatwick Airports 2008–2013 – CAA Decision, Supporting Paper I

25/10/2000 - Audit of Railtrack's Freight-Specific Costs

 Report (with Brown & Root Consulting) for the Office of the Rail Regulator