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28/10/2016 - Briefing Note: The potential impact of Brexit on the European Patenting landscape

In this briefing note Dr Stefano Ficco, Senior Consultant at Europe Economics, provides a high-level discussion of the potential implications of Brexit on the current and future functioning of the European patenting landscape.

28/07/2016 - Briefing Paper: Intellectual Property Rights Series – 3D Printing and Industrial Property

This paper explores the implications of new and forthcoming technologies for intellectual property rights relating to design. Could the intellectual property regime associated with industrial designs collapse, through failures of enforceability, as did that for music? Could enforcement-related issues mean whole business models in manufacturing come under threat like the newspaper sector? What are the new technologies, relevant to design, that might threaten intellectual property rights and business models here? Insofar as the enforceability of or business models facilitated by formal design rights are indeed under threat, what are the options for policy to respond and how ought it to do so? The clearest example of a current technology that might be thought to raise issues for intellectual property rights enforcement with respect to design that are analogous to those seen in other sectors is 3D printing.  This working paper explores these issues, to purchase the paper, please email

25/05/2016 - Research Paper: A scenario-based analysis of the impacts of Brexit for IP issues in the UK and EU

This research paper, the latest in our Intellectual Property Rights series, considers the potential implications of Brexit for IP issues in the UK and EU. It addresses all key forms of IPR, including patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights, as well as the controversial issue of IP exhaustion and parallel trade, and analyses the expected outcomes for each of these under four potential Brexit scenarios. If you would like to purchase this Research Paper please contact us at

28/04/2016 - Research Note: The Patent Premium Puzzle

The next in our series of research notes on IP issues concerns the Patent Premium Puzzle.  “Valuing the patenting of an invention is difficult because there are many factors that can make estimates unreliable. And that is not only because it can be difficult to foresee the future. It’s almost as difficult to assess what the value of an historical patent has been! Do patents add value to inventions (are inventions more valuable because they are patented), or is it merely that intrinsically more valuable inventions are more likely to be patented (are inventions patented because they are more valuable)?” The subsequent research notes in our Intellectual Property Rights series will be subscription only.

30/03/2016 - Intellectual Property Rights Series Introduction

Europe Economics is pleased to introduce its new series of Research Notes on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). In this introductory piece, we present the different types of IPR that are currently available in Europe and provide some basic IPR-economics, we then present a list of the topics that we will be covering in the rest of the series.