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20/03/2014 - Illegal practice strategy consultation

Europe Economics prepared a report for the General Optical Council to assist them in developing its strategy to address illegal optical practice.  Our report assesses the risks associated with different types of illegal practice and develops an analytical framework to compare and rank the different risks.

06/02/2014 - Forfas publishes report on "Consumer Costs and Inflation" - based on work by Europe Economics

Forfas, Ireland’s policy advisory board for enterprise, trade, science, technology and innovation, has published a report on "Consumer Costs and Inflation", based on work carried out by Euorpe Economics. The report examines how consumer price levels and inflation rates in Ireland compare with those in their key competitors and identifies the primary products and services driving inflation in Ireland. It also provides a high-level assessment of the implications of consumer price levels and inflation for Ireland's national competitiveness and sets out a range of actions to enhance competitiveness.  

30/01/2014 - Three EU-Related Impacts of Scotland Leaving the UK - Report for New Direction: The Foundation for European Reform

This report examines the economic benefit to Scotland of three special arrangements that have been negotiated by the UK in its relationship with the European Union: the budget rebate, the opt-out from the single currency, and the opt-out from the Schengen border arrangements.

04/12/2013 - European Commission Proposals for Interchange Fees - Report for Mastercard

MasterCard commissioned Europe Economics to undertake a critique of the European Commission’s impact assessment of policy options related to the regulation of interchange fees paid by acquiring banks to card issuing banks.  The report also considers the impact of the European Commission’s proposals in the UK.

31/10/2013 - Disaggregating the BT Group Asset Beta - Report for Sky and TalkTalk

On behalf of British Sky Broadcasting and TalkTalk Group, Europe Economics has analysed BT Group’s asset beta in the context of Ofcom’s 2013 fixed access market reviews.  We scrutinise Ofcom’s method of disaggregating the BT Group asset beta into regulated copper access network activities and other activities.  We then recommend a set of alternative disaggregation methods that would more accurately reflect the value of BT’s copper access network business to BT Group.