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20/11/2015 - Could pension fund management be the next big mis-selling scandal?

Andrew Lilico discusses the FCA's investigation into the funds management industry and argues that paying people to manage your investments means you make less money while insulating yourself from loss. But that's not how the active funds management sells it.

18/11/2015 - Woodlands worth £270bn to UK economy

An article in the Telegraph has discussed Europe Economics' report for the Woodland Trust on the economic value of woodland.

12/11/2015 - Trade is the best way to improve relations

Andrew Lilico has appeared on BBC Radio 4 Today to discuss the Indian Prime Minister’s visit to the UK. In the interview, Andrew argues that trade and commerce is the best way to build relationships with countries. Trading with a country opens up channels of communication and breeds common interests and understanding. After establishing this matters of international diplomacy become much easier to handle. Andrew’s segment begins at 02:39:40.

12/11/2015 - Consultancy and Research Services for the Fund Management Industry

Europe Economics is pleased to provide our brochure of Consultancy and Research Services for the Fund Management Industry

12/11/2015 - How game theory can explain Seann Miley Moore's shock X Factor ejection

Dr Andrew Lilico applies game theory to the X factor in his article for The Telegraph.