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28/07/2016 - Briefing Paper: Brexit and the Pharmaceutical Industry

In this briefing paper Andrew Lilico, Executive Director, and Kareen El Beyrouty, Senior Consultant at Europe Economics, discuss the key implications of Brexit for the pharmaceutical industry. The discussion focuses on national drug budgets, parallel trade and intellectual property, trade agreements, R&D funding and the free movement of people, access to finance, and regulatory governance. These issues are discussed through the lens of what we view as the most likely outcomes of Brexit and we highlight some of the key questions that the pharmaceutical industry should be thinking through at this time. To purchase the briefing paper, please email   

25/07/2016 - Philip Hammond's trip to China

Dr Andrew Lilico has spoken on Radio 4’s Today Programme about Philip Hammond’s trip to China (24m10sec on).

14/07/2016 - Bank of England surprises by holding interest rates at 0.5%

Dr  Andrew Lilico talks to CNBC about the Bank of England’s decision to keep interest rates on hold.

14/07/2016 - The Bank of England’s interest rate decision

Dr Andrew Lilico speaks to Radio 4’s Today Programme about the Bank of England’s interest rate decision today.

07/07/2016 - Behavioural Economics in the Financial Services Sector

Europe Economics in collaboration with Marketforce are pleased to announce that our course on Behavioural Economics in the Financial Services Sector is back by popular demand and will be taking place on October 11th. The course aims to give an understanding of predictable biases and irrational behaviours, and the effects on financial decision-making and how they apply to business. Attendees will benefit from detailed explanation of the theory and interactive sessions exploring consumer behaviour and how behavioural economics is used in regulation.