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30/07/2016 - Europe Economics July Newsletter Issued

Our July newsletter has been issued. If you would like to be added to our mailing list please sign up on the newsletter page of our website.

29/07/2016 - Briefing Note: Brexit and the Energy Sector

In this briefing note Dr Andrew Lilico, Principal, and Ben Tannenbaum, Consultant, look at the potential areas of impact Brexit may have on the British energy market and the economic questions raised as a result. 

29/07/2016 - Briefing Paper: Intellectual Property Rights Series – 3D Printing and Industrial Property

This paper explores the implications of new and forthcoming technologies for intellectual property rights relating to design. Could the intellectual property regime associated with industrial designs collapse, through failures of enforceability, as did that for music? Could enforcement-related issues mean whole business models in manufacturing come under threat like the newspaper sector? What are the new technologies, relevant to design, that might threaten intellectual property rights and business models here? Insofar as the enforceability of or business models facilitated by formal design rights are indeed under threat, what are the options for policy to respond and how ought it to do so? The clearest example of a current technology that might be thought to raise issues for intellectual property rights enforcement with respect to design that are analogous to those seen in other sectors is 3D printing.  This working paper explores these issues, to purchase the paper, please email

29/07/2016 - Briefing Note: Big Data

Big Data has gained substantial attention both in private and public sectors. Sida Yin, Analyst at Europe Economics, has written a briefing note on the use of Big Data. The note also describes traditional econometrics methods that are relevant in the context of Big Data.

28/07/2016 - Briefing Paper: Brexit and the Pharmaceutical Industry

In this briefing paper Andrew Lilico, Executive Director, and Kareen El Beyrouty, Senior Consultant at Europe Economics, discuss the key implications of Brexit for the pharmaceutical industry. The discussion focuses on national drug budgets, parallel trade and intellectual property, trade agreements, R&D funding and the free movement of people, access to finance, and regulatory governance. These issues are discussed through the lens of what we view as the most likely outcomes of Brexit and we highlight some of the key questions that the pharmaceutical industry should be thinking through at this time. To purchase the briefing paper, please email