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News Archive for February 2011

25/02/2011 - Five Threats Worth Worrying About

Allister Heath, in his City A.M. article, is concerrned about the fuel duty as discussed by Andrew Lilico.

15/02/2011 - Improving Patient Welfare by Banning Re-packaging of Medicines

Dermot Glynn addressed the SMi Parallel Trade Conference in London, 8 February 2011 on the implications for patients of allowing medicines to be  repackaged by traders. The effects of repackaging medicines for patients include: reduced safety, out of date information leaflets and other confusion, risk of interruptions to supply, reduced innovation and less affordable access particularly for patients with lower incomes.  The presentation explains why banning repackaging would benefit patients throughout the EU.

15/02/2011 - What Is the Point of Government Targets If They Are Not Met?

Andrew Lilico discusses the inflation target on Newsnight.

14/02/2011 - Tax Avoidance Isnt Morally Wrong. Its Perfectly Sensible Behaviour.

Toby Young's defends tax avoidance in today's article in the Telegraph using Andrew Lilico's example to argue his point.

11/02/2011 - Should the Bank of England Raise Interest Rates?

Andrew Llilico discusses inflation and interest rates on the Today Programme.

10/02/2011 - Fuel Duty Stabiliser Not That Complicated, Says FSB

Newsletter for the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) suggests the use of a fuel duty stabiliser based on official forecasts for the oil prices, as advocated by Andrew Lilico.

10/02/2011 - Drama Between the Banks and the Politicians - A Class Act or Disappearing Act?

Andrew Lilico speaks with 'Wake Up To Money' to discuss whether the government should raise interest rates.