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Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

23/03/2018 - Economistjob: Plastic litter in the UK – any solutions? posted by Europe Economics

Empty plastic bottles on the streets and plastic litter debris in the wider environment are an unfortunate persistent problem of our days. While much is done in the UK to tackle plastic litter through household waste collection and recycling, and special waste collection programmes for businesses, plastic litter is still an issue.
In the UK, plastic beverage containers constitute 2 per cent of litter in terms of item count according to INCPEN, however, as noted by the CPRE, they occupy a much more significant volume compared to small litter items such as cigarette butts and gum stains. Similarly, in the marine environment plastic rubbish and microplastic fibre is a widespread pollutant in the North Sea. In the onshore areas plastic litter comprises about 10 per cent of all litter items found on the UK beaches and in the Thames river area.
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20/02/2018 - Economistjob: The Rise of Telemedicine posted by Europe Economics

In a previous blog we discussed the pros and cons of remote working.[1] But what about being on the receiving end of a remote service, such as healthcare? Telemedicine is the remote provision of healthcare services using information and communication technologies such as telephone and video, diagnostic and monitoring equipment, and even robotics. It is by no means a new concept, but the pace of technological change and patients’ increasing demand for rapid, self-directed consumption is bringing telemedicine into mainstream healthcare.

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