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30/06/2017 - Report for Citizens Advice: Consumer Rights for Parcels Delivery

Europe Economics' report for the Citizens Advice Service studied consumer rights in e-commerce parcel deliveries and sought to understand consumer problems; assess whether existing consumer protections are sufficient in parcel deliveries; and provide policy options to improve consumer protections. Citizens Advice drew on our report (along with another one by Verve) to write their own report on “Parcel Delivery: Delivery services in the online shopping market”, which they have also published along with a press release.

30/03/2017 - Briefing Note: Big Data: What does it really mean for competition policy?

A look into the emergence of Big Data, its fundamental importance to businesses and the wider economy, and the critical role of competition authorities in ensuring Big Data is not exploited.  

21/11/2011 - Digital Content Services for Consumers: Assessment of Problems Experienced by Consumers

The European Commission (DG Justice) has published a major empirical study carried out by Europe Economics on the problems that consumers experience with digital content services.

31/05/2010 - Review of High Cost Consumer Credit - International Research: Case Studies on Ireland, Germany and the United States

The OFT has published emerging evidence from its review of high-cost credit. This includes a review of international approaches to provision of high cost credit carried out by Europe Economics. This review shows significant differences between the countries considered.

31/05/2010 - Evaluation of the Impact of the OFT's Investigation into Bid Rigging in the Construction ~Industry

Europe Economics has completed a report for the Office of Fair Trading looking at awareness of competition law and changes in business behaviour. This followed the OFT’s decision in 2009 to fine 103 companies in the construction sector for anti-competitive practices. This is the second phase of work started in 2008 and shows a significant increase in awareness in 2010.

04/03/2010 - Risks in the Optical Profession

Europe Economics undertook a risk analysis of the optical profession to assist the General Optical Council in developing risk-based and proportionate options for revalidation.

01/12/2009 - Ex-ante Evaluation of the Proposed Alternative Investment Managers Directive

This Short Impact Assessment by Europe Economics builds on the Impact Assessment carried out by the European Commission to provide a quantitative assessment of the costs and benefits associated with the so-called “AIFM Directive”. It considers the rationale for intervention in the AIFM sector, as well as alternative approaches for regulation

26/11/2009 - Retail Insurance Market Study

Europe Economics' 'Retail Insurance Market Study' for DG Internal Market and Services of the European Commission has just been published. This study examines the market structure, the scale of cross-border activity, the evolution in premiums and profitability and innovation in insurance pricing across the whole of the EU27. It is focused on motor and home insurance and incorporates comparisons to either the USA or to selected US States. The study includes the results of an extensive mystery shopping exercise and ground-breaking analysis of the size and direction of cross-border activity in these markets.

24/11/2009 - Zero Carbon for New Non-Domestic Buildings: Impact Assessment

On 24 November 2009 the Department of Communities and Local Government published a Consultation on Policy Options for Zero Carbon in Non-Domestic Buildings. The full Impact Assessment for these options was carried out by Europe Economics. The cost benefit analysis includes an assessment of the benefits from reductions in CO2 emissions.  

21/10/2009 - Cost of Capital and Financeability at PR09

Ofwat published its final price determinations for the water industry on November 25 2009. Water companies now have a few weeks to decide whether to accept Ofwat's determinations or to appeal to the Competition Commission. Europe Economics have been advising Ofwat on cost of capital and financeability. Our updated report on the cost of capital has been published on the Ofwat website.

13/09/2009 - Analysis of the Secondary Sales Market for Tickets for Sporting, Cultural and Other Events

Europe Economics’ report for DCMS on ticket re-selling was recently published alongside the summary of responses and Government response to the Ticket Touting consultation.  

31/05/2009 - Impact Assessment of Proposed Changes to Part L of the Building Regulations

The Europe Economics Impact Assessment of changes to energy efficiency standards for new buildings and some existing buildings has been published by the Department for Communities and Local Government as part of a Consultation. This includes detailed modelling of the impact of different approaches to cutting CO2 emissions from buildings, and the costs and benefits of the changes.

15/01/2009 - Study on Credit Intermediaries in the Internal Market

A ground-breaking review of the role of credit intermediaries in the internal market and any possible consumer detriments arising from that role.  This included the comparative study of the activities of mortgage intermediaries across the EU27.

05/01/2009 - Study on the Cost of Compliance with Selected FSAP Measures

Europe Economics' report for the FSAP Evaluation has now been published. Our work was based on structured interviews with a diverse mix of European financial services companies to obtain estimates of the cost of compliance with the selected directives (MiFID, CRD, 3AMLD, Transparency Directive, Financial Conglomerates Directive and Prospectus Directive). The study was completed in January 2009.  

03/11/2008 - Online Gambling

Report for the European Parliament focusing on integrity and a Code of Conduct for gambling

30/09/2008 - How Ireland Can Best Benefit from its Digital Dividend

A report for the Irish Commission for Communication Regulation

28/09/2008 - DACSs Submission to the Government Consultation on Artist's Resale Right

This report, submitted by DACS with substantial input from Europe Economics, discusses why the Artist's Resale Right derogation should be allowed to lapse in 2010 rather than be extended to 2012.

31/05/2006 - Evaluating the Impact of the Car Warranties Market Study

Europe Economics has recently completed the first independent evaluation of an OFT market study. The review of the car warranties market study has now been published by OFT. Our report includes estimates of benefits to consumers of between £120 million and £170 million from the removal of warranty restrictions on car servicing. It also identifies continuing consumer detriment in the range £40 million to £90 million per annum from low levels of consumer awareness of these changes.