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05/02/2013 - Europe Economics' Report Published by CAA

Europe Economics' report was published as part of the CAA's 'Minded To' decision regarding market power at Stanstead airport. The report provides a high-level estimation of the long-run incremental cost at Stanstead that informs the CAA about the price level that might emerge under a competitive market. Our report provides similar estimates for Gatwick Airport, and discusses in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the LRIC approach in assessing the competitive price level and in setting price caps.  

29/11/2012 - One-Day Training Course on Setting Tariffs for Utilities

Europe Economics is working with Marketforce to produce a one-day training course on setting tariffs for utilities, scheduled for 7th March 2013 in London. For further details on what the course will cover and how to apply please click 'more...'

16/01/2012 - Utility Regulation Training Course

 Europe Economics is working with marketforce to produce a two-day training course on utility regulation scheduled for 2nd and 3rd May.  For further details on what the course will cover and how to apply, please click here.

13/01/2012 - Job Vacancy - Economic Theorist

Europe Economics is currently seeking to recruit as an Analyst, a highly motivated economic theorist with an interest in applying microeconomics to real-world issues.  The successful candidate should either hold a PhD or have submitted their thesis and expect to receive their PhD soon.  Additionally, the successful candidate would need to have a strong mathematical background and a clear interest in Microeconomics Modelling and the Economics of Corporate Finance.  Applicants would also need to have good communication and team-working skills and be able to work under their own initiative.