Our staff have a detailed understanding of many different economic sectors
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Our Projects

Types of Projects

In the field of economic regulation the issues that Europe Economics is frequently called upon to assess include price setting, cost of capital, cost modelling, and the design of regulatory policies. 

In competition cases we are engaged to assess - among other subjects - market definition, merger impacts, abuse of dominance, and collusion or cartelisation. 

Our work on public policy issues includes impact analysis and other economic analyses of policy issues.

Through our numerous assignments we have acquired substantial knowledge of communications, defence, energy, financial services, healthcare including pharmaceuticals, retail and leisure, transport, and the water industry.  We advise policymakers, regulators, and companies in each of these industries, and others.

About half of our projects originate outside of the UK, the majority of which are for clients based in other parts of the EU.  The size of project varies from a few hours’ expert advice on a specific issue to studies involving large-scale data collection in many countries, which may stretch over many months.

We collaborate with other professional service firms whenever this will deliver the best quality of service.