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Gambling is subject to especially strict regulation, licensing and taxation.  Controlling internet gambling and other forms of cross-border gambling continues to exercise policy-makers and courts.

The EU finds itself in an especially difficult position, with perpetual tension arising between Treaty requirements for single economic markets and national determination to retain control of policy.

Types of Project

The types of issue where economics and econometrics can be most helpful include the effects of regulation, the implications of duties and taxes on the take-up of gambling, the relationship between different forms of gambling and problem gambling, and the economic and social impacts of gambling development.

Examples of our projects include advising on:

  • the possible relevance of an EU Code of Conduct as an adjunct to national legislation;  
  • the replacement of General Betting Duty with gross profits tax;
  • the treatment of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (now reclassified as B2 gaming machines);
  • the contribution that gambling makes to the funding of EU sport;
  • domestic and off-shore gambling taxation;
  • how to measure casino impacts;
  • financial terms to be incorporated in the National Lottery operator’s licence; and
  • the economic and financial appraisal of business plans.

Our Clients

Our clients in this area have included the Association of British Bookmakers, the Remote Gambling Association, a consortium of gambling arcade operators, Manchester City Council, and the National Lottery Commission.

Our Experts

A member of our team has twice addressed conferences for the European Academy of Law on the regulation of gambling at EU level.

Our in-house experts here are:  Dermot Glynn, Andrew Lilico and Bob Young.   

Primary contact: Andrew Lilico.

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