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In addition to producing custom-made reports for clients we also offer a subscription service where subscribers can access publications offering analysis on sectoral or policy topics of interest (e.g. Brexit, Sharing Economy, Financial regulation). The publications range from short notes on recent developments to longer think-pieces on strategic topics.

Other than as part of a full-scale subscription, the relevant publications can also be purchased individually or as a series e.g. a series of notes on the Sharing Economy includes:

  • What is the Sharing Economy?
  • What is the growth potential of the sharing economy?
  • What are the drivers of growth which are likely to be seen?
  • What is the displacement effect on other sectors?
  • What are the regulatory issues and potential problems around the evolution of this sector?

Our differentiation points:

  • Not yet another macro research firm: We are unique in our ability to understand the macro policy and regulatory shifts occurring for various industries – particularly financial services – across the UK and the EU.
  • Working for both the private and public sectors enables us to better understand and advise on policy issues.
  • Highly skilled workforce and collaborators.
  • Track record of producing high quality, high impact reports.

For more information, call (+44) (0) 20 7831 4717 or email us: enquiries@europe-economics.com.