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News Archive for January 2014

31/01/2014 - "New Scots deal with EU would cost over £1bn" - City AM discusses Europe Economics' Report

City AM discusses Europe Economics' report for New Direction on the subject of an independent Scotland.

31/01/2014 - Europe Economics' report on Scottish independence discussed in the Scottish Express

The Scottish Express has published an article discussing Europe Economics' report on the independence of Scotland for Brussels based think tank New Direction.

13/01/2014 - Ross Dawkins to speak at Westminster Business Forum event: 'Regulating consumer credit - assessing the new framework'

Ross Dawkins is to speak at a seminar hosted by the Wesminster Business Forum on the topic of : 'Regulating consumer credit - assessing the new framework'. Policymakers and regulators will discuss with a wide range of stakeholders how an evolving framework of consumer credit regulation can effectively support both market competition and consumer protection.   

09/01/2014 - Dr Andrew Lilico debates whether interest rates should rise on the BBC Daily Politics show

Dr Andrew Lilico has taken part in a BBC Daily Politics debate on whether UK interest rates should be kept at 0.5%. He argued the case for raising them back to normal levels of around 2%.  

09/01/2014 - Dr Andrew Lilico discusses the Bank of England's forward guidance on CNBC

Dr Andrew Lilico has appeared on CNBC to discuss the Bank of England’s forward guidance, which he believes has been misconceived.